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What if ... Magic is real... but the trick is to bring it out of you ...

that's what I do... I bring your magic out of you... pss... and I do it well.


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Release the blocks that bind you.

Step into the magic that is about you.

Manifest your own freedom.  
Simply return to your True Nature.

You are more than you have been told. 

Discover your personal manifestation style.


This is your ancient way to create your reality.

It is time to stop fighting and start create your passion  

And make it your reality.



When fear is reduce and you step into the calmness of your true nature you discover you have more abilities to heal and transform your life than you ever thought. Experience your personal law of creation and change by harmonizing your own life.

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Manifestation Is 0ur True Nature
Reality is a dance between imagination and realization
Neither one holds clam
But something is birthed to form... from the union
Dark matter and light both harmonically coalesce
It is the ancient dance of creation
Emptiness is form and form is emptiness
The eternal paradox... just slightly beyond the thinking of the dualistic mind
With its black and white... good and bad ... right and wrong
Everything is and is not at the same time, in the same moment even your reality
True magic and freedom is found in this space
We all can go there
Be this space in between
By Dwaine Hartman


We move no where in our journey to freedom
We simply sit comfortably in our chair
Allowing perceptions to change
Discovering there is no time distance and space
You don't have to wait any longer
The magic is the flexibility of your perception
The most important of these is your image of self
Because your perception of you changes everything
Your reality is only a perception you hold of you.

By: Dwaine Hartman




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When you are ready
You will come to the river
The source of all waters

Here you will wash away the heaviness
All that has kept you in your sorrow of you
Freeing you into the delight of living

Only when you are weary enough of postponement
Will you choose to let go into the truth of you
Letting go of all you are not

There in the reflection of the river
You will see you
In your true nature
The path to all great healing ends here

By: Dwaine Hartman







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Changing Your Life Starts With Re-Discovering The Power Within You!



It is my pleasure to assist you to find the power of change within you.

With the Hartman Approach I offer you an experience that is always life changing, and this change will come from right within you. This place of change belongs to you and will continue to belong to you long after the sessions are complete. Once you discover this state of change you can apply it to anything in your life.



It doesn't matter if it is health, wealth, education or sports I will assist you to move beyond your blocks in life and experience true change.
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The only thing you have to loose is what you don't want in your life!


Get to know something very powerful inside you, something magical, something that you re-awaken and begin to use to change your life.




Do you remember that spark inside... Joy, Hope and Enthusiasm?

What if you could live from that place again?

Start to get really excited about life again because

your about to re-discover the magic within.


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Hypnotherapy Training online in The Hartman Approach  


By world renowned Hypnotherapists


Dwaine Hartman C. C. Hyp, Trainer  



Imagine being anywhere in the world and able to still attend class.   






This Online Hypnotherapy training is an advanced course taught in a fun and easy to learn manner. With more than 20 years experience in personal transformation, I have combined the knowledge to create a new advanced hypnotherapy training that integrates mind, body and soul; leaving people empowered and free.






You will laugh a lot, you will cry, you will heal, you will learn, and you will always remember the freedom of this life awakening experience to pass on to others.


Now...imagine a career where you spend your day's helping people relax, awaken, heal, reduce anxiety and be their best. It is time for you work in a career that you are truly ment for as a healer, light worker and practitioner. Click below and join us in our next course.  



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Hello I'm Dwaine Hartman and welcome to Inner Balance Hypnotherapy.com

Here I assist you with The Hartman Approach to healing and hypnotherapy training.

I have been assisting people and teaching Personal Development through The Hartman Approach since 1999


Online Hypnotherapy Training is a great way to take hypnosis training any where in the world. Taking Hypnotherapy Training Online has never been easier with one to one training over skype or my online hypnotherapy training rooms for bigger crowds.


The Online Hypnotherapy courses I teach offers you personal transformation as well as an advanced hypnotherapy training that is taught in an ancient mystery school concept, where you learn, experience and use the wisdom you gain in your own surroundings.


You will learn more than just how to help people stop smoking, loose weight, relax and reduce anxiety. You will as well learn about the great self, The Power Within this is the cornerstone of The Hartman Approach.


I see the unconscious mind as being much more powerful than what we were taught and when you address this great mind with respect ... magic happens.


So weather your looking for personal Hypnotherapy Sessions or a distant hypnosis training programs the style I offer is uniquely different and empowering. If your looking for in person hypnosis training in Edmonton Alberta I offer Hypnotherapy training in Edmonton and my office is centrally located for Hypnotherapy training in Alberta. If Edmonton Alberta is too far to travel please look into my online hypnotherapy program... it is pure magic.


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